For the Paranoid Traveler: Travelon Bags

If there’s anyone who’s more careful than I am about securing belongings, it’s my mom. She’s the type who doesn’t buy bags without a zipper and always closes the zipper when she’s done rummaging through her bag. When walking on the street, she carries her bag on the shoulder that is not facing traffic and tries to have the bag in front of her, not behind her. To a certain extant, this describes me, but I can’t beat her when it comes to caution.

So it’s no surprise that she bought the both of us Travelon Anti-Theft bags, which have cut-proof straps, locking zipper compartments and RFID blocking slots for cards and a passport. Does that sound a bit too much? For some people, it certainly is. These bags do require more effort to open when the compartments are locked with the lobster claw, but if this discourages pickpockets and slash thieves, then I count it as a good thing.

Mama got herself a blue Classic Crossbody Bucket Bag and gave me a black Classic Messenger Bag.  Both have side mesh pockets for a water bottle and umbrella. These can be zippered shut when not in use. There’s also a small LED light inside the bag, in case you need to search for something in the dark.

Here are the bags in action during our recent trip to Nepal.

Ma and her Travelon Anti-Theft bag in Kathmandu.
Ma and her Travelon Anti-Theft bag in Kathmandu.
Me and my Travelon Classic Messenger Bag
Water bottle? Check! Also across Swayambunath Pagoda.

Although the bucket bag is larger and roomier, the messenger bag has three compartments that are lockable with a lobster claw, versus the former, which has only one. The claw requires a bit of strategy, as you don’t want to lock all three at the same time. It’s a hassle to have to unlock and lock constantly and it’s not easy to do with one hand. I find it convenient to keep the pocket closest to the body unlocked for items that have to be taken out, such as tickets. The front pocket has a magnetic flap, so that’s good for things like tissue and a small hand sanitizer. There’s a caribeener on the strap for securing to a chair or post, but I find the opening too small to be useful.

Overall, the bag gives me a bit more peace of mind. It doesn’t mean that my stuff are 100% safe all the time. There’s still nothing better than common sense to avoid snatchers and shady characters. But my bag offers me an added layer of protection, which could help prevent trouble whether I’m at home or abroad.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Just making it clear that the review is independent, with no arrangements or exchanges with the brand.

What bags do you use when you travel? Share your favorites and your tips on keeping your things safe when you’re on the move in the comments below.


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