The Enjoyment of the Tourist Trap

You know what it is: that made-for-tourists establishment which has a gift shop (or several) so disproportionately large compared to the actual attraction that you wonder why you even had to pay an entry fee. But dear traveller-who-wouldn’t-want-to-be-caught-dead-in-such-a-place, don’t take your being a non-tourist so seriously all the time. You can and should enjoy a tourist trap once in a while. While you ponder on this, here are images from such a place.

Don’t go to Genting Strawberry Farm for the strawberries. The good ones are all gone. Instead, look at the other plants. Its location up in the hills of Genting Highlands makes the so-called farm ideal for horticulture. It’s not quite a park or a garden, but there are flowers, real and fake lavender (perfect setting for a gift shop) and more roses than strawberries. You might as well take photos for Facebook or Instagram. Worst case scenario: if you are in desperate need of souvenirs, there is strawberry merchandise and everything else imaginable on your way to the exit.


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