Batanes by the Sea

Contemplating the weather on the windswept islands of Batanes. The island group, inhabited by the indigenous Ivatans, is closer to Taiwan than the major Philippine islands.

beach road, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9678
A deserted beach doesn’t invite you for a swim but provides a place for meditation
beach, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9942
Batanes may not have the finest sand in the Philippines, but it does have some white sand beaches
boatm jetty, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9782
This saint is grounded at Sabtang jetty
children passing, hut, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9680
Sign across a school outside Basco, the provincial capital
dried fish, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9837
Fish hanging to dry
fried fish on a leaf, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9887
Fish is a staple in the local Ivatan diet
goat, sea, Batanes, Philippines_0014
A mountain goat stands on the hillside
jetty, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9910
The covered jetty in Mahatao protects sea vessels from typhoons and strong waves common in this area
rocks, sea, Batanes, Philippines_0018
Rocks serve as breakwater, a dramating point where the Pacific Ocean crashed onto land
school, morning, students, sea, Batanes, Philippines_9784
Schoolchildren perform exercises as part of their morning routine on Sabtang Island

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