The Artist’s Studio: Fundacion Pacita

Fundacion Pacita, Batan, Batanes, Philippines_9711

If there is one artist associated with the islands of Batanes, it would have to be the late Pacita Abad. Born on Batan Island, she was a citizen of the world, living and working with different ethnic groups that shaped her work. She was bold and prolific, creating art in different media and forms.

Fundacion Pacita, Batan, Batanes, Philippines_9730

Today, Fundacion Pacita has the most expensive accommodation available on Batan—a high-end bed-and-breakfast, if you will. It would be a privilege to live in the artist’s studio up on the hill, enraptured by the story of her life.

Fundacion Pacita, Batan, Batanes, Philippines_9724

Fundacion Pacita, Batan, Batanes, Philippines_9716

Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge




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