Teluk Intan: More Than Just A Leaning Tower

Teluk Intan, literally “Diamond Bay” in Malay, is a town in the Peninsular Malaysian state of Perak. Once a trading port, it has seen a slowdown since the silting of the oxbow that surrounds the commercial heart. But this could also be why it feels like a heritage town, with buildings from the British colonial era.

We went on an overnight stay, less than three hours’ drive in from Kuala Lumpur, just to take in the sights and try the food.


Downtown is a small area that is easy to explore with a car. Once in a while, you’ll pass by something you might want to take a good look at.


The main attraction is still the leaning tower, formerly a water tower built in the form of a Chinese pagoda in 1885.

img_0398Today it is open to visitors, who can climb up to the third level to see the interior and the views from the balcony.


Teluk Intan is a quiet town, but it was once the seat of Perak royalty.


The old royal residence of the crown prince of the Perak sultanate has been abandoned, reclaimed by nature.


Possibly the most famous food here is chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll) from Liew Kee, made fresh here and wrapped in newspaper. Out-of-towners come here to buy several packets to bring home.


Another local favorite is Abdullah Mastan Ghany’s mee rebus (steamed noodles) and rojak, a vegetable salad covered in gravy. The ingredients are almost interchangeable, with the winning element of both being the fried toppings.


We came across an event at the Chinese temple. It was hard to tell what was going on, other than certain material offerings to the gods represented by performers in costume and heavy makeup.


The town has some lovely churches, such as the Catholic Church of St Anthony.

I hope to visit more of these small towns around Malaysia. Let me know if you have any recommendations!


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