Somewhere in Kuala Lumpur

Nothing is better known in Kuala Lumpur than its most famous landmark, the Petronas Twin Towers. Apart from this, Malaysia’s capital city is represented by the clocktower of the colonial-era Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the giant Murugan statue at the entrance of Batu Caves. But apart from these well-known sights, the less-visited places have a strong pull on me. Here are snapshots of three different locations in the city that I visited last year.

A number of traditional wooden houses still stand in Kampung Baru, a Malay village in the heart of the city
Kampung Baru’s produce market at night
Asian products fill Peter Hoe Beyond, a lifestyle and home boutique at The Row, a block of converted shophouses
Also at The Row, Limapulo Baba Can Cook sports interiors that heark back to the traditional Peranakan home
Antique products get a second life at Limapulo
The design of the Federal Mosque reflects its diverse influences from all over the Islamic world
The mosque interiors are relatively simple considering the scale of the building
The Petronas Twin Towers from a courtyard archway of the Federal Mosque



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