Probably the Best Brewery Tour that Money Can’t Buy

Some of the most unforgettable travel experiences are the ones that are reserved for a select few. I had the privilege of going on an exclusive VIP brewery ex-beer-ience at Carlsberg Malaysia’s Shah Alam plant in conjunction with Carlsberg’s 170th global anniversary this year.

This is not just a factory walkabout but a full sensory experience. I had the chance to touch, smell and of course, taste beer in its different stages of brewing at Probably the Best Brew House, usually a restricted area. I also savoured a beer-infused gourmet spread at Probably the Best Lounge. Photography is not allowed at the bottling plant itself and I didn’t take photos of the food and the games where we played for merchandise, so these images will have to do.

It took me back to  10 years ago when I went with my friends to the original Carlsberg factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brewery has since become a fully developed attraction. It would be great to visit it again, but for now, it’s enough to have the chance to go on what is probably the best brewery tour in this part of the world.


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