Photo: Ariff Shah Sopian

Escape is my strategy for sanity. Is it yours, too? If you’re wondering where to go next, how about here?

Hi! I’m Abby, a travel writer and content creator based in Southeast Asia who loves museums, podcasts and swing dancing. Since 2005, my work has been published in lifestyle, businesss, trade and travel magazines and websites. In the last five years, I have been based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I produce travel content on Asia such as features, lists, interviews and itineraries for print and online, primarily for AirAsia’s inflight magazine travel 3Sixty° and travel3sixty.com.

View selections of my more recent published work here and get in touch using the form below.

PRINT Text: Abby Yao

Feature story – Sabah, Off-road

Feature story – Pasko! Christmas in the Philippines

Feature story – Sweet Spring: Sichuan, China

Sleep Inns – Hanging Gardens of Bali

Sleep Inns – Sokha Angkor Resort

Jetsetter – Ramli Ibrahim

Jetsetter – Vivy Yusof

WEB Text & Images: Abby Yao

Finding Authentic Handmade Treats in and around Sibu

20 Must-eats on the Central Sarawak Food Trail

One of the World’s Most Instagrammed Museums—But You’ve Never Heard of It

The Secret of the Highlands: The Jim Thompson Mystery Trail

Ba Na Hills: A Magical French Village in the Heart of Vietnam

Artful Eats and Shareworthy Treats in Singapore


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